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Celebrate on Saturday May 17 2014!


Culture Freedom Day is an event to help their communities understand Culture Freedom. Check to see if there is already a team registered in your area. If you want to form a team and run an event, simply check out the StartGuide and start pulling your team together and planning today!

All teams simply register online to be part of Culture Freedom Day. Eventually create a website or a blog to promote your event and then register the team. Be sure to check out all the information on this website that will give you all sort of useful links and ways to participate, like joining our forum, mailing lists of interest and more. The StartGuide will give you all you need to know to ensure you have an awesome event, and make sure you update your CFD event registration page so people know how to find you and what to expect.

If you are interested in helping out at a global level, get in contact with the DFF board.
Lastly, encourage your friends, family and associates to come to Culture Freedom Day, and use this opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful world of culture and software freedom :)

Happy Culture Freedom Day!


Become a Supporter!

  1. Place one of our web buttons on your front page
  2. Let us know in the forum
  3. Upload your project logo in the same message

That's it! Within a day or two we'll list you in our supporter section.


Full details

Keep posted through

Work in progress

The site is still heavily being worked on and you may experience some hiccups. Among the missing items which you won't find right now are:
  1. Event listing
  2. Event registration
  3. The wiki
  4. The start up guide
  5. Credits page
  6. Translations
All those should gradually pop up in the upcoming few days and hopefully satisfy your passionate hunger for more Culture Freedom Day stuff...

Supported by

Digital Freedom Foundation