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Celebrate on Saturday May 17 2014!


Culture Freedom Day is the worldwide celebration of Free Culture. If you are not very clear about what Free Culture is, please head towards our short introduction page where you will also find links to plenty of ressources to fully cover the topic.

While reading the recommended introduction should make it clear Free Culture needs to be brought to more people around the world, attending an event should help you to cover some, if not all, of the following objectives:

  • Discover more Free Culture work
  • Meet Free Culture supporting artists
  • Ask artists about their own motivation for putting their work under a Free Culture license
  • Participate in discussions covering business models, license requirements and how to start contributing to the Free Culture movement yourself
  • Learn about online resources to find Free Culture work
  • Learn how to use Free Culture work for your own projects and respect the attribution clause when there is one

Bear in mind that the primary objective is to make the celebration an enjoyable moment and we hope that each event will be centered around live performances, broadcasting or exhibition of Free Culture work. What you need to remember then, is that all the high quality exhibits you will experience are there for you and your community to enjoy, share and eventually extend with your own sensibility. After all this is what Free Culture is about.

While we cannot warrant each event will fulfill your expectations there will be a schedule associated with each event listed on this site and that should help you to filter what falls into your hobbies or field of work.

We sincerely hope that you will have as much fun participating as we are having fun helping you discover Free Culture.

Happy Culture Freedom Day!


Become a Supporter!

  1. Place one of our web buttons on your front page
  2. Let us know in the forum
  3. Upload your project logo in the same message

That's it! Within a day or two we'll list you in our supporter section.


Full details

Keep posted through

Work in progress

The site is still heavily being worked on and you may experience some hiccups. Among the missing items which you won't find right now are:
  1. Event listing
  2. Event registration
  3. The wiki
  4. The start up guide
  5. Credits page
  6. Translations
All those should gradually pop up in the upcoming few days and hopefully satisfy your passionate hunger for more Culture Freedom Day stuff...

Supported by

Digital Freedom Foundation