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Celebrate on Saturday May 17 2014!

  • What's free culture?

    It allows artists to distribute & modify creative works in the form of free content through the internet.

  • What's Culture Feedom Day?

    CFD is a day to invite everybody to go on the street to showcase their free culture works and share their arts to everybody!

  • Sponsors, supporters, artists...

    Thank you very much to all the people and organizations making CFD possible!

First ever CFD event in progress!

Lisbon CFD

A week ahead of our "regular" schedule and lasting 2 days, the first ever Culture Freedom Day event is taking place in Lisbon, Portugal. Organized by Flausina with the participation of Creative Commons Portugal, vistors will be offered five concerts, five documentaries, debates and a visual essay. Definitely an impressive program that would make all of us wish to be living near that beautiful city of Lisbon!

In fact Flausina has been in touch with us since the early announcement of Culture Freedom Day to make sure organizing early was acceptable and very quickly worked on their program. With such dilligence and professionalism we really wanted to know more about the team behind Flausina. For the one in a hurry to read the full program you can just follow this link, for the others, please read on to find out more. And for people who can't make it to Lisbon, check out the CFD map to find an event in your area or decide to organize one yourself.

Here is the full transcript of our exchange:

Dear Francesca and Ana, can you give us a bit of background information about Flausina and Microstructure?

Francesca and Ana: Flausina is a cultural association that aims to give visibility to innovative Art practices, in a context of mutual exchange.
Opposing the current elitist trend in the Arts' scene, we propose to adopt an open attitude towards emerging artists and not, wishing to approach Art more genuinely.
Flausina hosts multidisciplinary projects, giving a special focus on the digital art projects and electronic/experimental music. It' works as an open and dynamic space that welcomes exhibitions, workshops, conferences and events.
Flausina wants to be a platform for experimentation and reformulation, where everyone can invent, modify, interact and share.

We believe in the "create and share" and we want to participate on its viability.

Microestruturas is an event that wants to promote net-labels and the dialogue about copyleft. It includes different activities, such as concerts of artists involved in net-labels, debates, screening of documentaries on the topic of the copyleft and creative commons and the exhibition of sonic installations.
Net-labels are a reality which represents today the most significant alternative to the traditional musical production. Net-labels have emerged in Portugal in the past few years and account today for many virtual producers in the most different music genres, witnessing the dynamism of an environment that is constantly innovating. Some of them are more known than others, but they all share the same philosophy: escaping from the mainstream taste and build up a universe alternative to the traditional labels, with the objective of creating a more healthy and productive environment for people that believe in copyleft and independent production.

As for the open source phenomenon, net-labels stand in opposition to the capitalist notion of traditional benefit, thus they can be seen as “microstructures models”.

The objective of this event is to recreate a platform where it will be possible to discuss on the possibilities and challenges that net music brings about. At the same time the participants will be able to listen to good music (well produced and distributed) and enjoy a sonic installations.

What about yourself, how did you become involved with those project?

Francesca and Ana: For different reasons, we met ourselves living in the same house. Thus, in conversation, the idea of creating a workspace of experimentation, open to all people wanting to create something new, something that was missing in Lisbon.

Microestrutura comes from our personal interests, like almost all initiatives of Flausina. We have to recognize that we live in a different era with new opportunities and new challenges. The digital mode brings with it new paradigms, such as that of copyright. Electronic music / experimental, exhibition of an audiovisual project are the other ingredients of the event .

[Then] we know Culture Freedom Day because in September 2011 we hosted Software Freedom Day in Lisbon, an event which we fully agree with the philosophy! So we are very glad to be part of CFD 2012!


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